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Jessica Figueroa

Meet Jessica

Jessica Figueroa’s journey begins in the vibrant streets of Queens, New York, where her role as a devoted entrepreneurial mom and community advocate takes center stage. With a heart deeply rooted in personal finance and entrepreneurial spirit, Jessica’s mission is to guide individuals and families towards financial independence and the discovery of their inherent entrepreneurial potential. Her approach is hands-on, engaging communities through workshops, seminars, and personal consultations, underlining her belief in universal access to financial education as a foundation for building generational wealth.

Before her current venture, Jessica’s path was shaped by valuable experiences at Live On New York, a non-profit organization where she honed skills in customer service and administration. This was followed by a heartfelt commitment to her Ecuadorian roots, where she volunteered, teaching children in summer classes under a special program by the Consulate of Ecuador in New York City. Jessica’s passion for fostering professional growth and supporting small businesses within a mutually supportive community showcases her holistic vision towards societal upliftment.

Having relocated from Ecuador to the United States at the age of 23, Jessica’s academic pursuit in Business Administration, with a focus on health and management systems, and her studies in economics, have broadened her expertise and fueled her passion for making a positive change. Her dedication to The World Changers, where she aims to unlock unseen potential and align skills with the company’s mission, speaks volumes of her ambition to contribute to a world where financial empowerment and innovation lead the way. Jessica embodies the spirit of resilience, determination, and ambition, striving to leave a legacy that changes lives through enhanced financial understanding and community support.

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Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through financial education and implementation, with the belief that if you change your finances, you change your world.

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Our mission is to establish the best business platform for an entrepreneur to build a profitable, sustainable and scalable business in the financial industry.

Impact Commitment

Our mission is to inspire and equip individuals to become the ultimate version of themselves, so that they effect significant and positive impact across the world.

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