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As an entrepreneur, you already have enough on your plate building your business.

You need a trusted partner to rely on for the foundational aspects of every successful enterprise: protection, benefits, and planning for your business’s legacy—and your own.

Enter the World Changers, your dedicated financial ally. We guide you through the complexities of strategic financial planning for your business, so while you’re in business for yourself, you’re never alone in securing your financial future.

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Insurance Strategies

Get protection for your employees, your assets, and your business through a broad array of insurance solutions, customized to your needs.

For business owners, this means not just securing the standard liability or property insurance, but also exploring specialized strategies like key person insurance, which safeguards your company in case of the loss of a crucial team member or buy-sell agreements funded by life insurance to ensure smooth ownership transitions.

These targeted insurance options can protect against specific risks that could potentially disrupt business operations and impact financial stability. By tailoring insurance solutions to the unique challenges and risks of your business, you can create a robust safety net that supports both your short-term needs and long-term business goals.

Retirement Strategies

Attract and retain top talent with a variety of competitive retirement benefits, from profit-sharing plans and pension programs to 401(k)s and other tax-deferred savings accounts.

For business owners, these offerings are not only tools to incentivize and keep valuable employees but also vital components of their own retirement strategies. Implementing these plans not only enhances your benefits package for employees but also significantly boosts your personal retirement savings, ensuring you're well-prepared for the future.

This approach to retirement planning not only secures your financial future but also helps build a dedicated and motivated team by providing excellent benefits.

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Executive Bonus Compensation

We work with you to structure rewards for some of your most vital contributors, including executive bonuses and deferred compensation.

Executive bonus plans, funded through life insurance policies, are a strategic way to provide additional benefits to your top executives. These bonuses not only offer valuable life insurance protection but also serve as a tax-advantaged savings opportunity for the recipients.

This approach helps attract elite talent by demonstrating a commitment to their personal and financial well-being. Moreover, these plans can be tailored to vest over time, aligning the interests of your executives with the long-term goals of your company and encouraging them to stay for the long haul.

Business continuation strategies

Your business is a major part of your legacy. Protect it in the event of something unexpected with specialized insurance plans.

Implementing business continuation strategies, such as buy-sell agreements funded by life insurance, ensures that your business can smoothly transition to a new owner or the next generation without financial hardship. These plans set clear terms for how the business is to be handled and valued, preventing disputes and securing a fair process for all parties involved.

This approach not only prepares you for a successful exit but also preserves the legacy of your business, ensuring it thrives even in your absence.

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