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Who are
The World Changers?

You have financial dreams, but the world of money isn’t designed to be simple and accessible. You need knowledge. Resources. Community.

That’s where we come in.

The World Changers gives you the financial education, tools, and network you need to turn dreams into reality and uncertainty into success.

We bridge the gap between financial education and implementation.

Our mission is to empower clients to change their finances, equip entrepreneurs to build a dream business, and drive impact to change the world.


We give individuals and communities the education and implementation tools they need to change their finances.


We’ve developed a best-in-class business platform for entrepreneurs seeking to build a profitable, sustainable, and scalable financial services business.


We inspire and enable people to become the ultimate versions of themselves, so that they can effect significant positive impact in the world.

Competitive Edge

You’re more than your finances. So we’re more than financial services.

Our Values

impact of change

We quantify our impact so we can measure our progress and constantly improve.

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Brands you trust,
partners we love.

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Celebrating Diversity
Driving Innovation

Leading with Pride:
A Women-Owned Enterprise.

Diversity in Action: Serving Communities of Color.

Financial Access for All: Bridging the Economic Gap.

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