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Active money management

Active money management aims to protect your investments during market downturns, which can help increase your overall returns. Our approach gives you the best of both worlds: you get personalized attention from our advisors who take the time to understand your changing financial goals as you go through different life stages, and you benefit from the expertise of specialized money managers.

Our advisors evaluate your goals and risk tolerance to determine what you want to achieve and how much risk you're comfortable taking on. They then select a money manager from our network of partners who focuses solely on optimizing your investment performance while minimizing risks to meet the objectives we set together.

This dual-focus ensures your investment strategy is carefully crafted to handle ups and downs in the market while staying aligned to your financial goals and needs.

Automated investing

Automated investing offers a hands-off approach for those who want to manage their investments effortlessly. You can set up your accounts entirely on your own through our website with just a few clicks, and there is no minimum account value required to get started.

Our platform, powered by Betterment’s technology and algorithms, allows you to set multiple accounts, each aimed at different financial goals like saving for a house or retirement.
Once your accounts are set up, our system automates your investments to keep your portfolios aligned with your goals. You can easily monitor and manage your accounts using our app, making it convenient to track your progress.

While the entire process is designed to be self-service, our advisors are always available for assistance with setup, questions, or account analysis whenever you need it. This way, you get the benefits of automated, goal-based investing with the added advantage of having an advisor close by for personalized advice and support when needed.

Employer Sponsored Plans

Employer sponsored plans, such as 401(k)s and 403(b)s, are essential tools for employees looking to save for retirement directly from their paycheck, often with matching contributions from the employer. Most employer sponsored plans offer a basic selection of target date mutual funds but lack active money management for participants.

We bring a unique approach by incorporating active money management into these plans. This not only enhances the retirement savings of employees by providing them with professional investment management tailored to their goals but also helps employers meet their fiduciary responsibilities by offering a more robust and actively managed investment option.

Our role includes helping you understand the various plan options and how to optimize them for maximum retirement benefits. We collaborate with companies to design and implement these plans, providing employees with options that enhance their retirement savings. Our services ensure that employees have access to expert investment strategies, while at the same time, employers benefit from our support in managing and optimizing the retirement plan, ensuring compliance and improving the overall quality of the retirement benefits offered.

self managed
401(k) Self-managed Accounts

One of the biggest questions employees with a 401k have is what investment options to choose. Often, the available choices are limited to general target date funds and a few other mutual funds. Some employers offer a Self Managed Account (SMA) option, but employees are still left to figure out what to invest in on their own.

We solve this problem by providing active money management for employees who have the SMA option in their 401k plan. Without moving any funds out of their 401k account, employees can benefit from expert guidance and active portfolio management tailored to their goals and risk tolerance. Our advisors evaluate each employee’s financial objectives and risk preferences, then connect them with a specialized money manager who focuses on optimizing their investment performance.

This strategy ensures that employees’ investments are managed actively and effectively, addressing their concerns and helping them make the most of their retirement savings.

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