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Your journey to financial freedom starts with education.

The World Changers Network™️ offers a wide range of both free and premium resources that make tough financial concepts easy to understand.

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Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP)

Using a permanent life insurance policy to supplement retirement with tax-free income through the policy's cash value.

Executive Bonus Plans

As part of a compensation package to key employees, providing life insurance with a savings component and offering a tax-advantaged benefit.

Wealth Transfer

Strategies to grow your estate and pass assets to heirs efficiently and minimize taxes.

Active Money Management

Actively managing investments to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Business Continuation

Ensuring the business operates smoothly after an owner’s retirement or death by using life insurance and other assets for funding Buy-Sell Agreements.

Million Dollar Baby

Strategies for a child to build cash value that can be used for future expenses like education or a down payment on a house through a life insurance plan.


Automated investment advice powered by algorithms and technology, based on your financial goals.


A strategy that uses leverage to enhance contributions to a cash value life insurance policy, aiming to grow wealth more rapidly while providing life insurance benefits.

Mortgage Protection

Ensuring a family can stay in their home by paying off the mortgage upon the mortgage holder's death through a life insurance policy that matches the term of the mortgage.

Infinite Banking

A strategy to create a personal banking system by borrowing against the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy.

Living Benefits

Structuring a life insurance policy to plan for a critical, chronic, or terminal illness or long-term care need by being able to access a portion of the policy's death benefit early.

Retirement Income Replacement

A strategy for replacing lost retirement income for a surviving spouse or children through a life insurance policy.

Self-Directed 401k

A strategy that enables participants of a 401k plan to access active management in their investments within a 401k, to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Key Person Insurance

Protecting a business from financial loss due to the death of a critical employee, ensuring continuity and stability.

Personal Pension

A strategy to create guaranteed income by setting up assets in an annuity that provides guarantees.

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